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down south
 "Look past the white post at 3 o''s framed by some oak leaves arching over that dead tree."

"I still don't see it."

He touched my hand and guided my binoculars in the right direction.

A magnificent blue bird appeared.
"It's a delicate little creature, isn't it?" 

We’re only here for a few moments
That’s all. 
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m(a)y thoughts

And yet - there’s something so twisted and cynical about the American identity that I could never accept these bon appétit’s at face value, as a celebration of food for the love of food. Rather, I always interpreted these bon appétit’s directed at me on a park bench as code for, “You should be sitting at a table, you idiot.”

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When I was a child I used to look down at myself like a bird in the sky looking for worms.

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(there are other sarah rose’s, but this is the new one)