I have all of the resources that I need. Inner and outer.
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“One’s career, like marriage and parenting, is a prime vehicle for the projection of 1) identity, which is thought to be confirmed through the visible mastery of a body of expertise; 2) nurturance, that one will be fed by being productive; and 3) transcendence, that one will overcome the pettiness of the spirit through successive achievements. When these projections dissolve , and the dissatisfaction with how one is using one’s life energy can no longer be displaced, then one is in the Middle Passage.” 
— James Hollis

"There are some who think this man mad, but I prefer the madness of this man to the sanity of others."
— William Wordsworth (about William Blake)

“Lord, when you send the rain think about it, please, a little? Do not get carried away by the sound of falling water, the marvelous light on the falling water. I am beneath that water. It falls with great force and the light Blinds me to the light.”
— James Baldwin
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There is never a moment in your life when you’re undeserving of love. 
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