Dear Sarah 2017

“Dear Sarah, if you could just give me 15 minutes on the phone, I could convice you to lead design for my small startup of Frenchmen making a website for sports teams (SportsEasy). How could you refuse to work for a platform that is 300,000 users and growing? We’ve got a foosball table.”

“Dear Sarah, if you come to our Design Jam where we riff about data transparency (for minors) we’ll pay for your ticket, no room and board. Free drinks.” 

“Dear Sarah, I don’t understand your concern. I think you’re perfectly qualified to lead user research for our product DataEyez / DataBiz / FollowMeNow / AnalyzeEazy / DataDingDong. Free breakfast.”

“Dear Sarah, I’ve got an amazing confidential project for a confidential client in Sunnyvale, California. Are you interested?”

“Dear Sarah, do you know Github?”

“Dear Sarah, after careful consideration, we’ve decided you’re not UX enough.”

“Dear Sarah, I threw this together last night - could you make it work on mobile? You’re better than me.”

“Dear Sarah, after careful consideration, we’re looking for someone who is more mobile and less web.”

“Dear Sarah, it’s not a ‘comment,’ it’s a ‘commit.’”

“Dear Sarah, this could be good advertising for you.”

“Dear Sarah, tell us about a project that you really loved working on. Tell us about your greatest user research discovery. Tell us your greatest user research failure. How did it change you? Do you believe in God? Describe a perfect morning. If we like your answers you’ll enter round two of our interview process. We like to call this round, ‘video disco.’ Be creative! If you pass the video round, we’ll conduct a fun in-person design challenge (hint: you’ll be making an app about ping-pong!).”            

“Dear Sarah, when was the last time you made a prototype. By prototype, we mean ‘live.’”