Dataiku Data Science Studio

Dataiku, 2018 - present

15 years of living in France and 10 years of working as a designer in 3 different cultures has led me to Dataiku (portmanteau of “data” and “haiku”), a French startup founded in Paris and incorporated in the United States. 

Dataiku is a highly technical company led by engineers; they develop one of the leading softwares in the swiftly evolving data science, artificial intelligence technological race.

When I joined Dataiku, the company was nascent enough for me to craft my own unique role (from Art Direction to UX), but growing enough for me to start exploring and implementing research and design initiatves at scale.

Dataiku & Figma: a case for a collaborative, centralised tool, Summer 2020

"Data Personas, Moving Targets" - a talk for Hexagon UX Paris, February 2020

User research evangelism, Spring 2020

“Introducing the Right Panel,” Spring 2019

Company-wide UX evangelism: “Dataiku UX: Fledgling to Flight,” Spring 2018