Sarah W. Rose (b. 1982) is a writer, visual artist, and daily meditator.

She studied Film, Video, and Animation at the Rhode Island School of Design and Cinema Studies at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. 

Sarah lives and works in Pantin, France. 

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Artist Statement

"I write what I see, I paint what I am.”
— Etel Adnan

The autumn breeze is peeking its way through the hottest summer I've experienced in my life. I am 40-years-old. For 20 years, I've been living as a shadow artist, making ends meet in a shadow career.  As I chip away at this fossilized mass of creative repression, rivulets of love and light start to flood my entire being.

Nature is the very fabric of this being. It's easy to dismiss landscapes as subject matter for hobbyists and beginners. But I feel that in the midst of a global climate crisis, landscapes could not be more relevant.

As a painter, I'm not interested representationalism: details are for design. I'm not interested in precision or control. I'm not interested in pure abstraction either. My interest lies, for example, in the moment Claude Monet could barely see - at this point, Impressionism truly becomes impressionistic.  Beyond impressions, I’m interested in in how artists impart style: a painting should say something about a painter's personality. I want my paintings to reflect patience, courage, and most importantly, divine love.

After working decades in a digital medium, I hope to embrace the molecular essence, the tactile nature of any physical medium: I want to allow paint to do what paint wants to do. I invite happy mistakes, as well as departures from "what makes sense."

This is only the beginning...

"It's just a question of putting in some style." 
— Vincent Van Gogh © 2022
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